About US

The founders of WYCI, Spandana Meka Rao & Niveditha Adagiri share a mutual fascination for symmetry in design, subtlety of style and synchrony of fit. The urge to apply the precision and efficiency learnt in their technical background drove them to a manufacturing based business while their genetic predisposition gave rise to their passion for textiles and novel design. With 3 years in the industry they have already dressed dynamic politicos, page 3 regulars and eminent entrepreneurs like the Ruias and the Birlas.About the Brand A unique and edgy menswear label which resonates well with today’s confident, millennial man who wants to wear Indian clothing with a contemporary twist. The brand is focused on creating high quality statement pieces that have a global appeal. The brand philosophy "Ethnic integration" is geared toward redefining indian occasion wear by expanding its reach. The vision is to see a statement Bandi at a New York brunch as easily as a sangeet, a fabulous summer Kurta on the streets of Milan, and a trendy Bandhgala at a happening launch party of a Mumbai club.



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